Tiitchok Mareng Medical Clinic

We have declared a war against malaria in Aweil and we will to win.

Why? Building a medical clinic in South Sudan is something very personal to me. 

I have lost most of my families to malaria including my mother and my older brother recently. My brother was sick and because there were no hospitals, clinic or medical facilities in our village, we had to travel for long period of time to get to a clinic. My brother passed away by the time we finally made it to the clinic. I never forget the moment I watched him died while holding his hand. I am living with that moment every single day and never go away no matter what I do. I have cried so many times in so many occasions because I completely feel lost without the people I love.  The anger, pain and devastation from losing my family continue to destroy me inside and refuse to go away unless I can find a solution and building a medical clinic is the only solution I see. I know I will never bring my family back but I can save other families in my village. I have declared a war against malaria and I want to win this war. I need you to help me win this war against malaria. We can win and defeat malaria through building a medical clinic and providing medical supplies in my village where malaria outbreak is taking place. Please donate now. Your donation is a step toward victory and toward defeating malaria in my village of Aweil East, South Sudan. This is a mission that can be achieved and I am not resting until it is accomplished. It will take a long time to accomplish this mission but it will be achieved much quicker if you join me. Below is a details construction budget that includes two wells.

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Malaria in South Sudan

After almost two decades of civil war, on July 9, 2011, Southern Sudan succeeded from Sudan to become its own nation. However, the joy of independence and its corresponding peace has been tempered by the destruction and loss of life caused by the civil war.  An estimated 2 million people dead from the civil war, with thousands of children orphaned. 4 million people displaced with homes, and health facilities leveled, and potable water supplies destroyed during the civil war. The lack of health care, clean water, and growing poverty remained top of the biggest issues that people of South Sudan are facing every single day. In the village of Aweil, South Sudan, there are no hospitals, running water, or transportations and poverty continued to grow.   South Sudan is and always has been one of the World’s poorest and under developed nations that is lacking of proper infrastructure with fewer hospitals or health centers in its main cities.


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Health Care

A main concern in South Sudan is the lack of access to basic health care. Too many people die unnecessarily from treatable illnesses, such as malaria. Fear of illness keeps many parents from allowing their children to attend school. They worry that being exposed to the weather with only a tree for shelter will bring illness to their children. Every time a child gets sick, their parents aren’t able to do anything but cry, hoping they will get better because there is nothing they can do to help them. Even if there was money to buy medicines, there are no sites in villages where they are available. Another concern is the availability of clean water. Too many people in South Sudan die because of unsanitary drinking water, especially during the flooding caused by the rainy season. Building a well will decrease the prevalence of illnesses caused by unsanitary drinking water, and it will also free children from the time consuming task of fetching water from distant sources.

Our Solution

Building a clinic and providing medical supplies will not only solve some of the health issues but it will save many lives and prevent the malaria breakout that most South Sudanese citizens have been dealing with for decades. Building a clinic will also eliminate the fact that people have to walk long distance to the nearest clinic or hospital and stop spread of malaria. No one will have to die on the way to the clinic as usual. Many parents will be able to let their children attend school without the fear of health conditions. Unfortunately, there are no doctors and nurses on site as a result of lacking of the clinic and medical supplies; however, they will come if there is available clinic and medical supplies. In addition to that, building a well will help people and prevent them from attracting other diseases they obtain from drinking dirty water.  No one will be sick as a result of unsanitary drinking water.

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