Your Gift Saves Lives

The civil war has killed over two million people and left countless children without family. Homes, schools, and health facilities have been destroyed leaving the children with no hope, opportunity, and nowhere to go, they are trapped in poverty. But you can help. Click the button below to easily donate using PayPal. Every dollar helps and until Decmber 31, 2018, ALL donations are being matched by Seeds of Change

  • $10 Provides A Mosquito Net

  • $15 Provides A Book Bag

  • $25 Provides Feminine Sanitary Supplies

  • $40 Provides A School Uniform And Shoes

  • $13,000 Funds A Water Well

  • $365 Funds A Student For One Year

  • $500 Provides School Supplies For 70 Students

  • $1,700 Provide A Brick Making Machine

  • $100 Provides A Two Student Desk

  • $37,000 Funds Two Classrooms

Deng-Foundation is a United States 501 (c) (3) humanitarian organization, registered with the Republic of South Sudan. The Internal Revenue Services recognizes Deng-Foundation as Section 501 (c) (3) public charity. Your gifts to Deng-Foundation are tax deductible in the United States. Out Federal Tax ID number is 46-5507372.